Leaving a Legacy During Family Stories Month

November is Family Stories Month…

In your role as a family caregiver, this is the perfect time for you to find additional meaning in your care journey and ensure that your parent can leave a legacy for future generations by sharing and recording family stories. For many elderly adults, the thought of not being relevant any longer, or being forgotten by their family, can be extremely stressful and upsetting. They may worry that the people they love will not remember them, or that future generations will not know about them or their family, which can put them at risk of depression and loss of motivation.

Helping your parent to record these family stories can be a meaningful way to spend quality time with your parent, and can be a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving preparations and celebrations.


Caregiver in Glendora CA: Family Stories Month

Caregiver in Glendora CA: Family Stories Month


Let these ideas inspire you in ways that you can help your parent leave a legacy during Family Stories Month:

in a good quality family record book that you can fill out with your parent.

-Write out family recipes that your parent loves so that they can share the culture and traditions of their family through food.

Encourage your parent to write out memories, create a family tree, or write letters that include family stories in their own handwriting. This will allow future generations to not only enjoy the stories but to connect with your senior through their handwriting as well.

Make recordings of your parent’s voice or make videos of them talking about their family and sharing stories so that future generations can see and hear your parent, which allows them to connect in a more personal way.

Being a family caregiver can be stressful and challenging, but home care can help. Starting care for your aging parent can be an exceptional way to encourage your loved one to live the highest quality of life possible as they age in place.

These highly personalized services are designed specifically to address your parent’s individual needs and challenges in the ways that are right for them. This can help them to stay happy, healthy, comfortable, and safe, while also supporting independence, activity, and fulfillment throughout their later years.

As a family caregiver this can give you confidence that whether you are able to be with your parent or not, your senior is getting everything that they need. This can ease your stress and allow you to take a step back and focus more energy and attention on the other obligations and needs such as your children, your marriage, your career, and yourself.


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