How Can You Provide Emotional Support for a Senior Who Has Suffered a Heart Attack?

As a family caregiver, your responsibilities to your parent do not end with the physical care efforts that you give them.  In order to be a truly effective caregiver and give your aging parent the type of lifestyle that they desire and deserve you must also keep in mind their mental and emotional health needs as well.


Elder Care in La Verne CA: Senior Heart Attack Emotional Support

Elder Care in La Verne CA: Senior Heart Attack Emotional Support


Suffering a heart attack can have a serious emotional impact on a senior. They might suffer depression, anxiety, fear, isolation, and loss of motivation that threaten both their quality of life and their health, and put them at higher risk of another heart attack. The support that you give them can help them to overcome these issues and move forward.


Use these tips to help you provide emotional support for a senior who has suffered a heart attack:


-Acknowledge their feelings and help them to understand that what they are going through is normal. They are not “weak” or “dramatic”. This can help them to feel more comfortable not only talking about the issue but finding ways to overcome them.


-Increase home care for them so that they have continuous access to companionship, support, and encouragement to participate in the world around them.


-Seek out a support group that is designed for people going through this situation. Encourage your parent to participate regularly to discuss their feelings and get advice.


-Rather than admonishing your parent when they do not follow guidelines or when they slip back into behavior that increases their risk, show love and support. Encourage them to make better choices and set them up for success by providing support, access to healthy foods, help with cooking, participating in an exercise with them, and other shows of love and strength.


Being a family caregiver for your aging parent can be extremely challenging and stressful, but fortunately, home care can help. An in-home care provider can step in to fill care gaps, provide supervision and care when you are not able to be with your parent, and offer companionship and support to encourage the highest quality of life possible as they age in place.

These services can include safe and reliable transportation to ensure that your parent can go where they need and want to go without having to wait for you, physical support and assistance for mobility issues, help with activities of daily living and personal care requirements, and companionship that will boost your parent’s activity level and mental and emotional health as they age in place. Knowing your parent will have consistent access to this care will relieve your stress and ensure that you are able to focus your energy, attention, and resources in the way that is most effective and efficient.


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