Handy Tips for Traveling With Your Elderly Parents During the Holidays

AAA estimates that 51 million people will travel for the holidays in 2017. They predict this will be the heaviest holiday traffic since 2005. You’re taking your parents out of town this year.

Here’s what you can do to make holiday travel go smoothly…

Elder Care in Pasadena CA: Senior Holiday Travel Tips

Elder Care in Pasadena CA: Senior Holiday Travel Tips


Discuss Your Plans Before You Book Accommodations and Flights

Before you book anything, talk to your parents. They may have concerns that can be addressed before you make reservations. For example, your dad may not want to take a flight with multiple connections. Your mom may be concerned about arriving at your destination at an hour when she’s usually in bed and sound asleep. Your dad may worry that he’ll never be able to walk fast enough to get from one flight to the next in short time.

With these requests, you can look for the best flights for their needs. If it’s not possible to avoid connecting flights, you can look for flights that provide plenty of time to get from the arriving terminal to the departing terminal.

If your parent has Alzheimer’s or a medical condition that keeps you from wanting to split up, let the airline know in advance. If you have a parent who isn’t as mobile as others, putting in a request for a wheelchair may benefit your group. If they have special dietary needs, you can request specific meals, too.


Plan Ahead

Avoid running into issues by planning ahead. If you’re planning to gather at your sister’s house for Christmas Eve, arrive a few days early. If there are delays due to weather or overbooked flights, you’ll still be in town for her gathering.

If you arrive on time, you have a few extra days to relax. You can take care of last-minute shopping needs, go sightseeing or unwind in the hotel.


Create an Emergency Meeting Spot

If you get separated going through security checkpoints, set a central meeting point. Everyone can catch back up at that point before heading to the appropriate gate. Make sure your parents know where they can find airport agents or phones to call for help if they get confused.

If you really want to get away for the holidays and your parents are hesitant, you don’t have to force them to go. Call an elderly care agency to discuss having a caregiver spend time with your parents while you’re away. It’s may not be what you hoped would happen, but you want to focus on what makes your parents comfortable. Learn more about caregiver services by talking to an elderly care professional.


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