Boosting Independence for Seniors with Voice Control Gadgets

It may seem like science fiction, but recent advancements in voice control technology have brought the future into homes and businesses today. There are plenty of voice control gadgets that can be used around the home that bring convenience to both young and old. However, elderly people may be the ones to benefit the most from voice control gadgets.


Illness and Injury Can Affect the Elderly


Most elderly people are not as active as they once were, due to illnesses and injuries. From hearing loss and reduced vision to arthritis and strokes, too many seniors find it difficult to go about their daily activities. They either have to give up the activity, or ask a family caregiver or home care assistant for help, over and over again. Moving from independence to dependence is hard on their self-esteem and they can feel frustrated and depressed because of it.

Voice control gadgets give seniors the power to control their environment once again. While their afflictions may not go away, elderly people can use voice control gadgets to regain some of that lost independence. Once family caregivers see what a difference that voice control gadgets can make in their elderly relative’s life, they’ll be the first in line to set them up.


Elderly Care in Los Angeles CA: Senior Voice Control Gadgets and Independence

Elderly Care in Los Angeles CA: Senior Voice Control Gadgets and Independence


Life-Changing Voice Control Gadgets for Seniors

There is a wide array of voice control gadgets on the market today, mostly relating to home care and maintenance as well as entertainment. Seniors can benefit greatly by implementing some of these gadgets into their room or house.


Here’s a list of voice control gadgets that are especially popular and affordable:


-Alarm clocks: These can be set up and turned on and off with voice commands. Some varieties will also give the day’s weather forecast, news headlines and sports scores.


-Vacuum cleaners: Some disc floor vacuums now come with voice control so when ordered, they leave their charging station and clean according to a pre-set pattern. They return to the charging station when the task is done.


-Thermostat: Voice-controlled thermostats can boost heat or cool air with simple commands. They can also be adjusted according to the outside temperature, time of day, and whether anyone is home or not.


-Lights: Seniors won’t have to fumble in the dark anymore because they can now talk to the lights. From voice controlled bulb inserts to switch plates, there are a number of light controls that now respond to verbal instructions.


-Television: Forget the confusing remote controls that confuse even the most tech-savvy people. Now, certain televisions can be turned on or off verbally, as well as change channels, set programming to record, search for movies and shows for streaming and even let users access the internet.


-Virtual assistants: There’s seemingly no end to how a virtual assistant can enhance an elderly person’s life. With a simple awake command, the assistant can create shopping lists, search for phone numbers and addresses, remind about appointments or medication times, access news and weather, and even read audiobooks.


Seniors that rely on family caregivers and home care assistants will definitely enjoy the independence that comes from being able to speak out on what they need and control their environment once again.


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