Are Falls a Risk for Your Aging Adult? Home Care Can Help.

Home Care in Glendora CA

Home Care in Glendora CA: Avoiding Falls in the Home with the Help of Home Care Services!

Falls are a scary thought, especially if your aging adult has existing health conditions that make movement difficult for her. Avoiding falls is much easier when you have additional help that is experienced in avoiding situations that can cause falls and injuries.

Falls Are a Huge Risk for the Elderly

Falls at home might not seem like such a big deal, especially if you’re talking about falling from a standing position. But the problem is that falls are incredibly dangerous for older adults in a lot of ways. According to the CDC, even small falls can cause a serious injury for aging adults. Smaller falls that might not result in injury at the time may make your elderly family member more afraid at home, which can lead to other falls or injuries.

Help with Housekeeping Makes Life Easier

The more help that you and your aging adult have in managing light housekeeping, the better. This gives your aging adult some extra help in getting to those essential housekeeping tasks that could be a little more difficult for her. It’s also usually something that a senior care provider can handle in a shorter amount of time, therefore getting it all done at once.

Decluttering Is Tough to Manage

Decluttering is a constant task when you’ve got an aging adult who is prone to falling. Even small amounts of clutter can be a tripping hazard or can distract your elderly family member to the extent that she misses a step. With some extra eyes on the situation regularly, you’ve got help making sure that clutter doesn’t take over.

Organization Can Make a Difference

One of the best ways to keep clutter to a minimum is to truly have a place for everything and to be able to put everything back where it belongs. Home care providers can help you with the organizational process and with maintaining it. Make sure that you label drawers and cabinets to help make the process easy for everyone to keep up with on a daily basis.

Look for other safety issues that you can resolve for your senior to help her avoid falling, too. Installing safety devices is a tremendous help.

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